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What is the reason for using microwave ovens?

What is the reason for using microwave ovens

The microwave is an integral part of the kitchen in today’s fast paced lifestyle. The need of the day is convenience, which is achieved by using energy efficient tools and equipment that are low on maintenance. The microwave encompasses all these traits making cooking an enjoyable experience.

Microwave oven saves time (large-bt)


The important benefit of a microwave oven is “time efficiency”. As compared to the traditional methods of cooking, microwave ovens take very little time to cook. A microwave oven has a timer which enables us to set the time for cooking food. When the set time runs out, the oven turns off automatically. Different times are set to cook different types of food items. For instance, water can get boiled in one minute; cookies will take longer time to bake.


Easy to clean and cleaner cooking (large-bt)


Microwave ovens are easy to maintain and clean. What you need is a damp cotton cloth or a sponge. Wipe the oven from inside and you are done. To get rid of the smell of food, boil the bowl of water in the oven with a few drops of lemon juice in it and your oven is ready to use again. This type of cooking also reduces cooking odours which accompany cooking on gas stoves. Also, cleaner kitchens can be achieved, as less food spills are caused in this method. The effort of washing of gas stoves is reduced as these ovens needn’t be washed. You can just wipe off the dirt and food. With a combination oven that includes a convection and microwave functions, cooking can get faster and effortless as well.


No need to keep a watch (large-bt)


Microwave cooking does not need supervision. Remember how crazy you go while stirring curry, keeping an eye on the pressure cooker and waiting to hear the whistle and making the salad all at the same time? You will be relaxed while cooking with a microwave oven. Place the food, set the time, stir in between if necessary and remove the food once it is done. You can take that phone call while your food is being prepared in the microwave oven.


Retains nutrients and vitamins in the food (large-bt)


Vegetables boiled in the microwave safe bowl are much healthier than boiled in the pan on the gas burner. Microwave cooking retains the nutritive values of the food. It retains vitamins and minerals in the food. Food gets cooked evenly in the microwave oven and it tastes delicious.


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