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Microwave Ilish Macher Paturi (Hilsa Fish Paturi) Recipe

How to Make Ilish Macher Paturi Recipe in Microwave oven

Today we will discuss how to make ilish paturi macher (hilsa fish paturi) recipe ( इलिश माचर पटुरी (हिल्स फिश पटुरी) रेसिपी माइक्रोवेव ओवन में कैसे बनाये ) in the microwave oven. In this post, complete information has been given about all the ingredients and methods (how to cook?). This is a non-vegetarian microwave main course recipe ( मांसाहारी माइक्रोवेव मेन कोर्स रेसिपी ). So without wasting any time, let’s start making ilish paturi macher (hilsa fish paturi) recipe in the microwave oven.

A Bengali favourite, this dish is a fish lover’s delight!

Cooking Time: 15 mins 

Cooking Mode: Microwave 

Preparation Time: 10 – 15 mins 

Serves: 4

Ingredients (large-bt)

8 pieces – hilsa fillets, cleaned 

1 ½ tbsp. – mustard paste, very finely ground 

½ tbsp. – fresh turmeric paste 

½ tsp – red chilli paste 

To taste salt 

100 ml – mustard oil 

4 – 5 nos. – green chillies, slit 

4 nos. – banana leaves, washed, dried and halved 

8 pieces – string

Method (large-bt)

1) Combine the mustard paste, fresh turmeric paste, red chilli paste, salt, mustard oil and green chillies. Apply the mixture properly on both sides of each fillet.

2) Place each fillet in half a banana leaf, fold the sides over neatly and tie with string to make a packet.

3) Arrange the packets flatly on a glass plate and microwave on medium power for 15 minutes, pausing and turning over the packets after every 5 minutes.

4) Leave to stand for 2 minutes before serving with rice.

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